2.4.3 – License Manager features

  • Bootstrapper+ Allow bulk export of licenses to text file.
  • Bootstrapper+ Allow import of license from Hobbyist version.
  • All editions: added optional diagnostics reporting from License Manager (not in validation components)
  • All editions: Changed how automated updates are performed.
  • All editions: Fixed Windows 10 assembly signature warnings

Validation library

  • Better cleanup of whitespace in license strings.
  • Updated assembly signatures to use sha256 for Windows 10 support.

License generation library

  • Distributed as nuget component.

Release History

2.3.2 – License Manager features

This release is a minor feature release

  • Bootstrapper+: Allow serial number (GUID) for a new license to be set manually.
  • All editions: Changed how automated updates are performed.

2.3.0 – License Manager features

Don’t forget to update the licensing components in your distributed software.

This release contains minor bug fixes for all editions and a new import feature

  • All editions: Fixed minor issues.
  • Bootstrapper+: Import of licenses from Hobbyist edition to support upgrade scenarios.