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Product Tour!

A short guide to the most important steps of protecting your application and issuing serial keys.

License Manager version 2 overview

The license manager in action

Using the License Manager is easy

Download and run the installer, start the application. The user interface is simple to use, just enter your product details and license setup to get started. And don’t worry if your end-users native language isn’t English, the entire client-side solution supports Unicode and RTL.
Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started.

Create your product in version 2

Set your product up

Enter your product information

This is the information that you will use to activate features in your application. You can create multiple “Editions” for your product and issue licenses for several versions.

Issue licenses version 2

Issue Licenses

Setup a license

Create new licenses and reissue existing ones, enter your end-user’s information and select an expiration date if you want to use that feature.

Manage Licenses in version 2

Manage your licenses in one place

Manage Licenses

Manage all your issued licenses in one place, if a user loses a license you can send it to them as a file or just copy the information into an email.

It really is that simple creating a product and issuing licenses!

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Add a reference

Add a reference (click to view)

Reference the validation library

Add reference to the validation library in your C# or VB.Net projects. This will allow you to access the license validation features.

Sample License Validation in C# with version 2

Check the users license

Call CheckLicense

Just call LicenseValidator.CheckLicense from your C# or VB.Net code to check that there is a valid license available and get information about what that license contains.

Edition switching code for version 2

Give different editions their own features

Support Multiple Editions

You can easily switch features in your application based on what edition the end-user is running.

Your done!