Hobbyist Edition

Free .Net Licensing Solution

The Simple Software Licensing Solution was in part developed for a Donationcoder NANY Challenge. In keeping with the spirit of that community and also my own values I am offering a free license in addition to the paid alternatives.

The Hobbyist edition

Hobbyist edition running

What’s The Difference?

The internal license validation and generation engine is the same for all editions of the solution, you get the same quality licensing as paying user have. The difference is in ease of use, the Hobbyist edition only supports saving products and end-user licenses to files and can only manage one product and license at a time. It also does not support integrating with payment providers to automatically create licenses when your clients make a purchase or sign up to an email list.


All editions have the same installer, so if you want the free Hobbyist edition you download and install the regular edition then enter a Hobbyist license in the license entry dialog.

You receive a Hobbyist license by providing your email address below, in addition to receiving a free license you will also receive updates and tips by email to help you get started. After you have confirmed your email address you will receive a license which is valid for 90 days. After 90 days you will be required to renew your Hobbyist license for another 90 days or purchase a full version to continue use, instructions for doing this will be sent to you when you approach the end of your 90 days. There is no limit on the number of times you may renew your Hobbyist license.

I take your privacy seriously and will not share your information with others, you may opt out at any time!

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“Free” Bootstrapper Edition using TrialPay

  As an alternative you can get the Bootstrapper Edition by completing a TrialPay offer. Some offers require a purchase others require signing up for a product or subscription trial. Offers vary by region.