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  • Hi,

    Is the data for the licences hosted by us or you?
    Is the the dll compatible with .netcf?

    Is there a hosted service available if applicable?

    We are looking for something that will check the licence on application start, i presume we can code your sdk to do the same?



    • Joshua

      Currently all license data is hosted by you – there may be a hosted solution in development… The licensing solution is not compatible with .netcf
      /Joshua 🙂

  • Glenn

    Does your package include a URL that I can redirect purchasers to in order to purchase licenses? Or would they do that from within my app during the trial?

    Please explain the Payment Integration feature.



  • robert ginsburg

    I need a licensing tool that also is integrated into some type of shopping cart so I can sell the licenses online. Do you have a feature like that ? Or any insight into how to accomplish that with your product ?

  • Miro

    Hello Joshua, nice to meet you

    I tried your product is very good as a generator of licenses, however, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility that the generated license is valid only for the PC which provide license created, because with the current method of generating a wild license and valid on any PC! You could use something to integrate the code as hadwere ID etc. to make the license only for the PC in which you activate a software? I await your response Thanks

  • Miro

    And another question, I see the license not support net framework 2…it would be nice if it worked with nf2…

  • ha

    What will happen if some one copy license to another computer


    Joshua, Hello.

    We develop a software upgrade (Brazil company) based in a
    software who works using a token key license in a machine serial number
    (Germany company). We`ll sell this upgrade by the internet using a download
    system and we need to protect this file linking the machine number and license
    key token. It is possible ?

    Could you help us with this issue ? Any forecast of the costs
    involved ?

  • jack

    where is the server installed with all the customer information and licenses. Can that be on our Server

  • Digvijay Pandit

    I have activated trial version. but could not find “habanero.licensing.validation.dll”. please help.

  • hieu le van

    Could you show me the file “habanero.licensing.validation.dll” where it’s location?

  • Markus

    Hello Joshua,
    it seems you left your solution three long years alone. Are you still in business?

  • Paaya

    I have a question regarding Code signing and licensing . In order to make the software safe to download from site we have to purchase code signing Certificate and implement the certificate in application to make it “Save” and make the “Publisher” known. We also need to put licensing in please. If we purchase one of your plans, do we still need to buy separate certificate for code signing ? does these two (code signing vs licensing) certificates interfere?
    Thanks for responses in advance