Copy Protection for MicroISVs

This simple software protection solution was developed to fulfill the copy-protection needs of small software development organisations and MicroISVs who primarily distribute software online. It provides easy to implement license key verification and integrates nicely with major online sales channels and payment providers.

Compatible with Windows 7All .NET languages are supported, whether you use C# or VB.Net (or even F#) this software protection system will work. The solution components are all CLS-compliant so cross-language interoperability is guaranteed. Two security levels are supported – the low-grade security works on earlier versions of Windows (down to XP) and in environments or regions where strong cryptography is not supported or allowed. The high-grade (military) level security works in the Windows 7 operating system and in .Net environments where strong cryptography is allowed.


Does it work?

While there is no way to completely stop unwanted spreading of software when faced with a determined cracker. The Habanero Simple Software Licensing solution is designed to provide enough protection to discourage casual and accidental spreading of your software while making it easy for the users of your application to purchase and use your application even in non connected and low-security environments.

Why Did I Create This?

CreatorThe Simple Software Licensing solution was created out of necessity by me, Joshua Anthony, in 2009. I had created a couple of server components that I used on different consulting projects that I was involved in. I started looking for a simple software protection system which would allow me to lock the components to the clients that I had worked with. The commercial products I found where so incredibly expensive that I couldn’t justify the expense.

I didn’t need a 100% hacker proof solution – I just wanted to have a way to stop¬†unlicensed users from copying the components to other clients and using them on their own projects without some kind of social signal that they where doing something wrong. The licensing solution doesn’t stop users from sharing the software and licenses but it does make it obvious that what they are doing was not intended and adds social pressure to not do it since the license file has the original owners name and company encoded in tamper proof clear text inside it.

So this simple licensing and software protection system was born. It was turned into a proper product in 2011 and I have plans for additional features to be added over time.

My Background

I have been developing software professionally since the mid 1990s and before that as a hobby for many years on such wonderful platforms as the ZX Spectrum, C64, MSX and others! Currently I run my own MicroISV and consulting company developing primarily for Microsoft platforms using .Net but also dabbling in cutting edge mobile HTML5 apps and experimenting with PHP.

I am also a sporadic blogger and some random ramblings and interesting software development tidbits can be found on my blog.