Roadmap and Updates

Roadmap and Updates

After a long hiatus I have picked up active development of the Simple Software Licensing Solution again. There are three updates in the pipe which are progressing well at the moment. Each builds on the previous work to fully modernize the solution and allow continued use in .net applications and brings some exciting future development.

Version 2.5 is first out, this will be a basic update to the distributable Licensing validation and generation libraries to ensure they work with Dotnet framework 3.5-4.8 and Windows 10/11. This update should also support .net 5+ and .net standard to allow for cross platform .net development and to build a base for future updates.

Version 2.6 will make the License Manager cross platform – supporting Windows, OSX and Linux with the groundwork laid for future iOS and Android versions which will target a 3.0 release.

Version 3 will provide hosted License management and generation so you do not need to set up your own licensing server. This will also bring distribution of thr License Manager through the various stores (windows store, Google play etc). The self hosted option will of course remain and hopefully it will be backwards compatible so no changes are required in your existing infrastructure.

Version 4 will bring more hosted functionality with support for end-users purchasing your software through platform stores with the hosted solution (Windows store, App store etc) this will allow even greater flexibility in using the licensing solution. After the initial 4.0 release I will look at supporting and testing non vanilla .net applications where the solution may be of use such as Unity, Godot, Uno Platform and so on which use .net as part of their infrastructure.

Leave a comment if you have more ideas as to what should be added!

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