3.0 Version Under Development

A new version of the simple software licensing solution is being developed – this will be released as version 3.0. All of the updates are based on user feedback!

While the feature list has not been officially set this is what you can expect.

  • Support for online license activation
  • Computer-bound licenses
  • Nuget package to help keep your software updated
  • A new edition to fill the gap between Bootstrapper and MicroISV
  • Hosted license generation integrated with instant payment notification
  • Updated samples

There is also be a deeper course on software licensing in the works, to help you really cover all the bases with your use of any licensing solution.

Please leave a comment or email me – tell me what your top two requirements for software licensing are!

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Joshua has been developing software professionally since the mid 1990s, he helps software development organisations deliver software faster and more effectively.