Version 2.1.9 released

Today a new version of the Simple Software Licensing Solution has been released. Just run the License Manager and the auto-updater will take care of the rest. The new version (2.1.9) includes a feature to enable easy backup and restore of your License Key database, including all your product configurations. It also adds auto update functionality to the Hobbyist edition and fixes an issue where the public key and application secret for your product could not be accessed.

There are several updates for the Simple Software Licensing Solution coming in the next couple of months and I will send out more information about the timeframes that I am looking at. Currently I am creating an updated roadmap to help me plan the releases.

I greatly appreciate all the feedback I have received! Please let me know your own experiences with the product and also if there are any features that you would like to see implemented!

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Joshua has been developing software professionally since the mid 1990s, he helps software development organisations deliver software faster and more effectively.