Update 2.1.4 Released

2.1.4 – Minor fixes

This release only contains minor bug fixes.

  • Added license input white space cleanup, to support licenses sent by email where additional line breaks and white space may have been added.
  • Fixed a bug in the input validation of email adresses to accept additional dashes.
  • Added direct link to introduction video after first trial activation.

Release History


  • Added support for storing licenses in Machine-wide isolated storage in addition to support user-bound isolated storage.
  • License Manager now warns when your own license is expiring.


  • Hobbyist license is correctly identified and UI is changed based on license entry.
  • Made all popuup dialogs show in front of the parent window.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows versions prior to XP where not identified.
  • Fixed an issue where .Net framework 4 client profile was not identified.


  • Added start menu for opening help file.
  • Included sample application in both C# and VB.Net.
  • Added hobbyist level license and features.


  • Fixed a bug where malformed product string in license file, crashed the license
  • XML documentation written and included with installer.
  • Changed number of trial days in License Manager to 7.
  • Fixed issues with dates not updating between textbox and calendar control.
  • Added license edit (no history currently), double click to edit.
  • Installation now includes two sample projects (VB and C#) to demonstrate a simple
    fully functional application.
  • Added default proxy to enable autoupdate check in web proxied environments.
  • Fixed an issue where licenses generated with a Trial edition would not validate.

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