New Pricing Announced

Pricing for the Simple Software Licensing solution has been simplified! There is no longer a higher price for the first year, all years have the same pricing. The number of licensed users has also been increased for the MicroISV and Enterprise editions. MicroISV now entitles 5 users to manage your licenses and Enterprise is licensed for ten users.

IPN Upgrade

For the lower priced editions you will be able to purchase the Instant Payment Notification license generation feature separately. This is in development and will be released shortly.

Buy and Try

Just as previously you may cancel your subscription at any time and continue using the product until you license expires. I am also keeping the 60 day money back guarantee so that you can purchase, try the full product out and if it doesn’t solve your needs get a full refund with no questions asked.

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Joshua has been developing software professionally since the mid 1990s, he helps software development organisations deliver software faster and more effectively.