Updated version 2 beta now available for download

A stable Beta is now available for download, this version is 2.0.5-beta of the Simple Software Licensing solution. It is available for download on the download page. Currently a password is required for access and is provided to those who are interested in participating in the Beta program.

Ther full version will be available before the end of March 2012 and participants in the Beta program will receive special pricing.

Primary Features

  • New user interface which allows easier editing and listing of products and licenses.
  • New license file format which is culturally neutral.
  • More simple and full featured license validation library for use in your products.
  • Activate trial directly from the license validation library.
  • Auto updater implemented so you will be notified of updates including release notes as they are available.
  • Installer support for x86 and x64 platforms
  • Tested on Windows XP & Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Logo Certification – this is in progress but certification cannot be completed until the License Manager and validation libraries leave Beta.

Other Beta Highlights

  • Public & private keys and application secrets are generated automatically for products.
  • Product-specific C# sample code is available from within the License Manager.
  • Option to store encrypted license file in IsolatedStorage.
  • User interface elements now stay within the window boundaries!
  • Updates to products are reflected in the licensing tab immediately
  • Refactored license validation to make reverse engineering more time consuming.
  • Support for old v1 style licenses with the license validator.
  • Trial licenses can no longer be extended by just changing the date in the file!
  • Added test cases for high value unicode strings such as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese symbols.

Breaking changes from version 1

  • Changed the way that license validation failures are handled. The old license validation classes are still available (deprecated) but cannot validate new style licenses.

Unresolved Issues & Remaining Features

  • Military grade licensing algorithms not available in 2.0.5.
  • Delete of products and licenses is not activated in the UI.
  • Send licenses by email directly from the License Manager not implemented.
  • Certain updates to products are not reflected in the UI immediately.
  • Documentation not available
  • No VB.Net sample code.
  • Auto updater does not restart the applciation when installation has been completed.
  • No warning on application exit if there are unsaved changes in the current view.
  • No UI feedback on invalid edition/version entry.
  • Long strings in license list causes columns to fall out of alignment.
  • Licenses for version 1 are not accepted as valid licenses in the License Manager (activate trial license to use the software)
  • Testing on Windows Vista, Server 2003/2008, Silverlight and .Net 3.5 Client Profile environments has not been completed

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