New Completely Free License on it’s way

Current Workspace by Ocell, on FlickrI will be introducing a new completely free license within the next week or so. One reason behind creating the simple licensing solution was to make software protection more available to hobbyists and small businesses that haven’t made it yet, the current 45 day trial doesn’t provide the kind of small business support that I had intended to offer. One reason is that it is unclear what you may do with the free trial, are you allowed use it in a finished product? Well it will be rectified soon enough, the new license will probably be termed Hobbyist, trying to keep in the same spirit as the other licenses: Hobbyist -> Bootstrapper -> MicroISV – > Enterprise. The Hobbyist license will have the same features as the existing trial license.

The pricing of the other licenses will also be revised after the Hobbyist level has been release. In all likelyhood the cost of the Bootstrapper and Enterprise licenses will be raised, nothing is set in stone yet but if you want to be guaranteed the current ultra low license fee for a Bootstrapper license then get it while it is still only €19.

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